Though Pearl & Swine is by no means a new label, its quirky trademark style, limited edition pieces and made-to-order policy means that the label has been kept something of a style secret from the mainstream – until now.

I myself only stumbled across Pearl & Swine a few weeks ago, after a friend of mine donned one of their Foxy Lady Half Mask Fascinators for Hallowe’en. It has to be said, many of the brand’s pieces are not for the faint-hearted, and many people (such as my aforementioned friend) will feel that such extravagant accessories are only really appropriate in a fancy-dress situation. However, for the more daring and/or experimental fashionista, Pearl and Swine provides a plethora of stand-out pieces that are bound to turn more than a few heads.

In theory I would like to clear out the whole of Pearl & Swine’s online store, but living on a student budget I realise that this is sadly an unattainable desire, for the time being at least. So, instead, I decided to pick out my top three pieces and explain why I adore them so much.  


Giant Cherry Hairband

Giant Cherry


1. Giant Cherry Hairband

Outlandish? You bet. Outrageous? Most definitely. One of the most wow-factor accessories I have seen all season?  Undoubtedly. 

The Giant Cherry Hairband’s name speaks for itself, but just to give you more of an idea, Pearl & Swine describes the piece as “Giant shiny cherries on a wide black and white polka dot Alice band, dripping with red glitter.” Yummy!


Glittered Minnie Ear Fascinator

Minnie Ear


2. Glittered Minnie Ear Fascinator

Because every girl needs to get in touch with her inner child once in a while.

Forget the stereotypically tame fascinator: this fun fascinator combines adorable Minnie Mouse ears and a luxurious satin red-and-white polka dot bow, dusted with a coating of glitter for good measure.



Sundae Girl Beret

Sundae Girl Beret


3. Sundae Girl Beret

A stunning, punning tribute to Blondie – queen of punk rock chic – the name of this piece alone made me want to own one.

This miniature beret, which can be attached to the hair with a comb for extra staying power, combines style with practicality. Made from hand-knitted pink wool and topped off with a gingham bow and sequinned sundae brooch, the Sundae Girl Beret is one of Pearl and Swine’s more understated accessories. Nonetheless, attention to detail and quality crafting make it a star buy; and if you’d prefer a beret in a different colour then the red Sweet Cherry Pie Beret or the Blue Cocktail Mini Beret come highly recommended.    

Images courtesy of Pearl & Swine


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