I go through phases when it comes to footwear.

While at university I mostly wore Vans or skater type trainers. Once I started working in the film industry as a runner, I found that a decent pair of converse were good enough to get me through the day and pulled off a more sophisticated look for the office. Now that I am a bit older, I have the need for a smarter shoe that can be worn to interviews, at work events and socially.

A good friend of mine only has leather shoes or boots. I have never seen him in a pair of Nike trainers, but that’s just what he likes. It’s not a bad thing and after a couple of nights hanging out with him I realised I would like to own a smart pair of shoes like his.

…the shoe comes in a variety of colours…

Clipboard02I was lucky enough to get a pair of Duty Trek shoes from Clarks. The son of one of the founders of Clarks, Nathan Clark, died in 2011 and left behind a vast amount of sketches which inspired this new design of shoe. Combining both modern and classic designs, the shoe comes in a variety of colours. I opted for a dark brown for two reasons: I am coordinating my current wardrobe and I don’t own a dark shaded pair of footwear.

The shoes were ready and so I started the test. I headed out to a meeting with a a client in a grey suit and blue shirt. The shoes worked perfectly in the ensemble piece and didn’t rub, even though I decided to walk to the meeting rather than take the faster route by tube.

…a long, slightly drunken walk…

The second test consisted of a night out with my friends. As I expected, after a long night of drinking, dancing and having fun, we had to walk back to our house. In the morning the shoes had stood up to a long, slightly drunken walk.

Overall I am very pleased with my Duty Trek and will continue to wear them out as the colder weather approaches. Use them when you are heading to a professional engagement, but want to pull off a casual look. You won’t be disappointed.  


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