As summer is approaching it is time to take a look at our wardrobes and do some sorting.

A good friend of mine says that if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a year then it’s most likely that you won’t wear it out again. This is a good rule as it seems that the majority of us like to hoard, and chucking out old clothes makes room and, on some occasions, lets you rediscover clothing that you have forgotten about.

With this in mind it’s good to look to the future and what you will be wearing this summer. On several occasions I have been out with friends and seen someone wearing the same tee or shirt that I just bought from the high street. I understand that the clothes I buy aren’t unique to me, but wouldn’t it be nice if they were?

…Simply pick a colour…

Shirtinator 1That’s where comes in. We’ve reviewed several different clothing brands here on MouthLondon, but none have had as much variety as Shirtinator. If you are looking to design a fun t-shirt then there are many options open to you. Simply pick a colour, browse their extensive list of motifs and add some fun text. If you can’t find a motif you like then you even have the option to upload a personal image to stick on the front. You can also customize photography gifts that include phone cases, stuffed animal toys, hand towels and cushions to name but a few.  The prices start from £9.90 and increase depending on what you want and which item (Hoodie, long sleaved tee etc), but with high street tees starting anywhere from £12.00 it’s a good deal for something that is unique to you.

It’s always good to search out or even create something unique, and with summer round the corner throw caution to the wind and try something new.

Check out Shirtinator here.

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