While braving the ever changing British weather, I sat down with Paul from Shrt, a new and exciting brand that is making head way in fashion circles because of its inventive design.

Choosing to shelter from the strange weather we chose the Royal Festival Hall that was ridiculously busy and full of dancers showing off to a crowd. Not to be deterred we pressed on and I found out how the idea of Shrt came about:


Shrt1So Paul why t-shirts?

Well I started about a year and half ago, I always liked tees, I liked owning a tee that nobody else had. I think Superdry and Hollister are all well and good and everyone seemed to be wearing them. I do understand that you wouldn’t say no to that kind of success, but I wanted a product that was mass market but stood out.

I had a few ideas but it wasn’t until I started working as a part time job in an Apple Store In Kingston that things changed.


Did working for a large company push you to branch out on your own?

I was suddenly surrounded by the most talented and creative persons I have the pleasure to work with, they were great in encouraging me to try out my ideas and bounce my designs on. They also provided me with help in Artwork, Website, Photography and Movies. Without that initial push I would have never got here. I try to acknowledge them all on my website but I always seems to forget them all.


So what is so great about your t-shirts compared to high street brands?

One question I remember was from a friend called Dan, He said “What makes your T-shirts stand out”, “Why would I want to buy them”. I also thought about my initial idea of tees that nobody else has.

This led to the idea of numbering the tees, I will number each Tee from 1 to a Hundred and then not make any more of that colour and design (Hence our logo “One in a Hundred). On top of that I want the owners to post a picture of themselves wearing their tee on our website. I wanted to create a Communi-T (Corny).


Ha that’s awful. You should feel ashamed. I’m kidding that’s very clever! So that was your springboard to the brands uniqueness. Did it take much more to get the idea going?

It still took a few more things, Money. I am fortunate to have a friend who owns his own printing company called Linkupltd. He was very keen to help me and printed some prototypes that I wore out. It was then that a dear friend saw me wear one, I told him my story and he offered to fund a run of Tees. We printed up a number of pre-orders and we were off.

Through kind support from people like Joel Perry (web Designer), George Newton (Photography), Lillywoot pictures (video) and many more I got to where I am today.


Fashion brands can be so boring and Shrt really does deliver high quality products with a unique twist. We’ve all had a piece of clothing we have coveted. For me it was a dark grey, H&M t-shirt that said creature of the night across the chest. That may sound bizarrely gothic, but I bought it in London and have never seen anyone else wearing one. That made me happy. Shrt numbering the tees makes it exclusive and the buyer part of something bigger. So if you want to be part of a creative community, or just like looking good in a tee check out the site here, blog here and twitter here.

Stay tuned for some more Shrt related goodies heading your way including a new competition and their new Kickstarter page.



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