It’s official – tie dye is on its way to becoming a key trend for SS12. It’s been seeping its way out of Shoreditch and onto the High Street, and even onto our TV screens thanks to The Voice’s Vince Kidd: “I would tie die for my Kidds”. However, while Kidd’s pun obviously advocates the re-emergence of tie dye, I myself am slightly more hesitant. Pun away, Kidd, but – to me – the re-emergence of tie dye is the biggest joke of all.

The last time I owned anything tie-dye was way back in the early Nougties. I remember it well: it was a rainbow coloured vest top with a heart stitched onto it. Multi-coloured beads may or may not have been involved. The point is that it was kind of OK back then because I was 9 or so and I looked a bit like a sweet Hippy child. Awww. However, fast-forward a decade and it soon becomes clear that anyone who tries to rock the same clothes they did when they were 9 is, quite frankly, a tit.


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There are a million-and-one other zany trends to try and pull off this season – the Hawaiian shirt, tribal leggings… The list is endless. So why revert to something that, even ten years ago, was probably best left in the 60s? I have a friend who should probably have been born to Hippy parents in California during the reign of The Beatles, and she is genuinely the only person I know who can pull off a tie-dye T-shirt. And yes, Vince Kidd didn’t look too bad, but he’s not exactly Mr Mainstream. In my mind, the average High Street shopper would simply do better to invest in something they will actually wear more than twice before sheepishly assigning it to their Charity Shop Clothes Pile.

I even browsed around, looking for some tie dye items that I could display as exceptions to the rule. However, the High Street left me sorely disappointed. Just look at the sorry pair of leggings from Topshop (see gallery above): it looks as if somebody put a pair of white leggings into a coloured wash load and then tried to wring the colours out in vain. Ditto these tie dye wedges from New Look, which appear to have had an accident involving an enraged, particularly scratchy cat. I save the best for last with these trousers from River Island, which actually made me do a double-take (for all the wrong reasons).

No, I am quite resolute when I say that tie-dye will only ever be OK (a) in the 60s, (b) if you are a modern-day Hippy or (c) in the most demure, preferably monochromatic colours.

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