How to wear a paper bag in the rain; now there’s a conundrum, but a fashion company based in Thailand called Wonder Anatomie makes durable and water resistant paper bags, so you can do just that.

The company makes paper replications of bags like the Chanel Flap, Celine Luggage, Hermes Birkin and Balenciaga city. A Chanel paper clutch? Yes, I’ll have one of those please. Not forgetting the Balen clutch for Macbook. Being a bag lover, this clutch is definitely enough to evoke a little emotion from my side.

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The bags are priced around £100-£130 but let’s be honest, you can’t put a price on a bag that survives such a contradiction as paper withstanding water.

What attracts me the most to these bags is not how they subvert mainstream designs, but how they salute both visual and creative genius, while maintaining their timeless appeal by mimicking some of the industry’s most classic bag designs.

A tough choice but my favourite design is the Balenciaga city paper bag. It’s large enough to fit all of your necessities, creative enough to turn heads and light enough to carry round all day.

In my opinion, they’re perfect. 

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  1. Lauren O'neil

    wow I’ve never seen anything like these bags before! I wonder how they make the paper so durable!

    Great article



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