Though Versace is by no means a favourite label of mine, I was nonetheless intrigued to see what their special collection for high street store H&M had to offer. Of course, ‘subtle’ and ‘demure’ were not two words I expected to use when describing the collection, but neither were ‘tacky’ and ‘rip-off’.  

Looking objectively at Versace as a label, its trademark style lies in the combination of bold colours, prints and geometrical configurations. Whilst this is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, it is undeniable that the clothes exude, to put it crudely and for want of a better expression, an air of designer-ness.

…a label that produces expensive-looking clothes, no matter how garish they may appear…

What I am trying to say is that, love it or loathe it, Versace is a label that produces expensive-looking clothes, no matter how garish they may appear. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Versace’s collection for H&M, which is highly extortionate and aesthetically catastrophic. Dolly Parton’s words have never been more applicable than to this underwhelming and exasperating collection: ‘It costs a lot of money to look this cheap’.

One bag, coming in at £69.99, is reminiscent of Miami Beach in the 80s, for all the wrong reasons. Think garishly pink heart-shaped prints, chunky gold chains galore and such alarming additions as giant palm tree and hibiscus charms. I was equally horrified to see that the same print had been used to deface what could have been a classic-looking LBD. Even worse, the addition of heavy black fringing to the skirt and shoulders of this dress has created the air of a depraved flamenco dancer. You’d never know that under all the tack and tassels is a rather expensive silk dress.

…I’m not insulting Barratts here…

The shoes, whilst less atrocious, nonetheless lack personality and originality, and I’d expect to find them in a less high-end shoe shop such as Barratts. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not insulting Barratts here. I’m merely suggesting that the aesthetics of Versace’s shoes for H&M do not match the £69.99 price tag. In fact, the only piece I saw that appeared worthy of its price was a black bodice dress with multiple crossover straps and embroidered detailing on the bodice. It’s too bad that this slightly redemptory piece has since disappeared from H&M’s website.   

Image courtesy of Versace and H&M


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