Does your watch say a lot about your personality?

Watches have long been a status symbol and often a quick glance at the wrist would tell you a lot about the person wearing one. Over recent years watches have become less of a useful item and more of a statement as our mobile phone essentially tell us the time and performs a variety of other functions, making the simple time piece redundant. Despite their lack of required functionality, watch sales over the last few years have experienced dramatic growth, with more and more men reclaiming them as a status symbol that is an instant identifier of wealth and social standing.


What a watch brand says about your character

GucciA watch is as much as an identifying symbol to a man as his car is, however a watches worth is non-depreciative and a good watch is considered by many to be an investment. Different brands say different things about you and for those who wish to show off their wealth and status a Breitling, Patek Philippe or Cartier wristwatch is a dead giveaway of financial standing. Men who wear watches like these are attempting to give you an insight into their lifestyle that is filled with luxury goods, business meetings and international travel and short of driving their Ferrari everywhere they wear a watch that costs the same as many people’s yearly mortgage payments, or even their whole house.

Men who are more active may tend to lean more towards a sports watch such as those produced by Casino or Timex. They may also have dress watches that they wear for business or more formal occasions. These men tend to lean towards a Rolex or TAG Heuer as they seem to reflect their more sporty nature better than a more formal brand. Just a quick look at someone’s wrist can sum up their wealth, recreational activities and attitude to status, so when you purchase a watch you need to be aware of the image you are portraying.


Summing up your personality in one glance

A first impression is usually a lasting one and although it may be considered materialistic to judge someone on their clothing or accessories, a watch is a piece that makes a statement from the start. Consider then what your watch would say about you?

A watch with diamonds or heavy gold would catch anyone’s attention, yet platinum or other expensive metals can be just as expensive and less showy. Understated elegance might be a choice of many men who feel that gold and diamonds may be overtly obvious. Many watches are a fashion statement and are designed to catch the eye, so depending on the wearer’s purpose the design may differ. The strap of a watch may be revealing about a person and many may consider anyone with a leather strap more of a sophisticate and perhaps more old school in their business dealings and approach to life than someone who wears a watch with a standard strap.

A watch is an indicator of status, wealth and lifestyle, so when you dress for success ensure your watch matches your outfit and projects the appearance you wish the world to see.

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