We take a look at what’s in fashion this season:

Flower power

No need to adjust your eyes, there really is a full bloom outside. The new way to take on prints is all about opting for floral patterns and fabrics to brighten up your winter collection. The weatherman may have taken our sunshine as the colder months set in, but we defy him to take away our cheeky floral prints too. New look has a beautiful Red Label Floral Print Shift dress, £22.99 and a Black and Red Rose Print, £27.99 in black and red and £24.99. If you’re worried about delving into your student overdraft before the term is over, opt for the Black Floral Shirt by George for Asda, £12 or the Black and Pink Floral leggings, £8.


The Double-breasted coat

Ladies, take your seats. This season sees the battle of the double breasted coat. Burgundy, classic black or shades of pale? Understandably, the lighter you go, the less practical the coat. But since it will be double breasted, it’s definitely double the chic. No matter what colour you opt for, make sure you keep it mid length. No need to stick with just wool either. Warehouse have mixed PVC with wool with their Black wool & Faux-leather coat, £85. It’s also hard to resist the Tweed Double Breasted Coat by Topshop, £98, although a little pricey. Christmas list? Yes please, I’ll take one of those.


Military magic

Attention! The military coat is calling. A wardrobe staple that’s stylish and smart? Yes Sir. This coat works hard. Get yours at Topshop and choose from either the Sergeant Belted Military Coat, £89 or the Military Piped Girly Coat, £95. Complete the look with some tan shorts like the Miss Selfridge Tan Suedette Short, reduced to £24 and available online. Smarten any outfit with the aid of a collar like Topshop’s Faux Pony Leather Collar, £22 in burgundy or the Laser Cut Collar With Pearls, £16. I challenge you to find something prettier. Finish the look with some chunky gold jewellery. My favourites are River Island’s Gold Cross Pendant Necklace, £6 and the Black Spike pack of bracelets, £18.


The New Skirt

It’s not just any old skirt. It’s a pleated, fuller, flared skirt. And one that’s both stylish and appropriate for dinner at your grans. It often lies just below the knee, looks good in a variety of colours, and best of all, it’s oh-so-glamorous. This skirt will be your new best friend. Miss Selfridge have a range to choose from, most notably the Textured Skater Skirt, £29. The Metallic Jacquard Full skirt, £45 by Warehouse is a variation of the fuller skirt and is cut just above the knee in case you’re not fully persuaded by the new below the knee length.


Kicking back with Khaki

Time to sharpen up. We want straight-lace, plain Jane military colours. We want khakis, greens, browns and greys. After a year of loud and in-your-face colours, I think this is just what the doctor ordered. Luckily these colours go with everything. That skirt you forgot you had, the five pairs of jeans you said you needed, but never wear – even the jumper your great aunt knitted you last Christmas. No need then, to lecture you about the khaki parker, a jacket that will always be a timeless wardrobe staple. Let’s have a round of applause for its sustainability; its versatility and its courage in soldiering through those cold winter nights. The Lace Parker, £60 by A Wear for Asos.com and the ASOS Longline Washed Parka £85 are two khaki coats that get my vote this winter.

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