Hiding behind your shades when you are not feeling well is a way of dealing with the world.

Behind the dark glasses, no one needs to know that you are hiding bloodshot eyes, bags or worry lines. Whether you’ve had a heavy night, or you forgot to put your make up on during the early morning rush to get to work, sunglasses are the quick fix you need to make it through the day without feeling too self conscious when out in public.

Bad hair day? Never mind. Simply sweep your hair off your face with your shades and you’re sorted. If your fringe is playing up, or you’re not happy with your hairdresser’s efforts, a pair of shades is the grown-up equivalent of one of those hair bands you used to wear with your name painted on it. They solve all number of hair crises and actually make you look quite chic.

…cat eye sunglasses for square faces…

New Look do a fabulous range of shades to suit all face shapes. Retro round frames for long or oval faces, cat eye sunglasses for square faces and pilot shades for those of a rounded face (like me)! Apparently, it’s all about balancing out the contours of your face with the sunglasses. So, if you have a round face, you need square shades. If you have a square face you need round shades… and so on. People with oval faces can wear any shape of sunglasses. Lucky things!

On a serious note, if you are going abroad, you will need to check the UV protection rating the sunglasses have. Your eyes are particularly susceptible to the sun’s rays, so having a pair of sunglasses with a high UV protection rating is a good idea if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. Ask your optician for more information.

…wanton killing machine to something altogether more terrifying…

There’s just something about shades that make a person look a little bit edgy, a little bit cool. Take Tom Cruise in Top Gun for instance. Sure, he’s a good-looking guy anyway. But those shades just add something extra to the whole look, turning a handsome man into an icon for a whole generation of women (including Katie Holmes, apparently). Or, Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. The sunglasses transform him from wanton killing machine to something altogether more terrifying.

If you’re not sure which sunglasses would suit you best, just try on a few pairs and see. Yes, you’ll feel silly standing in front of the mirror, but we all do it. When choosing your shades, consider what you will be wearing them with. What colour, for instance, is your usual day wear bag? Shoes? Jewellery? It’s a good idea to have some kind of theme going on. For instance, a tan bag, brown shoes, pink, leopard print or snake print shades all work well together. Alternatively, you could channel Jackie-O and wear white shades, a white handbag and white shoes. That could look pretty good.

All-in-all, sunglasses make the perfect all-rounders.

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