The Beauty Of Boho

Probably the least practical trend to wear at festivals: Boho. In its simplest form: all tassels and Navaho prints, trilby hats and heavy belts. It looks gorgeous on the window mannequin – dusted twice daily, but at a muddy festival?

Imagine falling over in the rain, amongst the huge crowds, into wet mud. Picture your new floaty, white, virginal dress, getting a grunge makeover whilst your oversized feather headdress is trampled underneath somebody’s muddy boot. Highly amusing. Every fashion realist staring: ‘you’re a music lover at a festival, not a bird of paradise in the wild’.

…feather headdresses and oversized flower crowns…

So why consider Boho as a trend set to dominate the festival fashion scene? Is it not best to ignore these feather headdresses and oversized flower crowns? They match bad weather and wet mud like chalk matches cheese.

But – as crazy as it seems, forget practicality. It is time to consider some unlikely options. Being students, this is something we are used to: sacrificing the status quo.

The Inspiration

…effortless fusion of hippy meets cowgirl…

We all know Kate Moss wears the crown for best dressed when it comes to Glastonbury. Her glam-world-traveller look is hard to refuse for most festival fanatics.

Why is this? Maybe it’s her effortless fusion of hippy meets cowgirl, meets military. Maybe it’s her layers upon layers of feather necklaces, or her excessive gold coloured bangles. Maybe it’s her aviators, or the famous headscarf which first made an appearance at Glastonbury 1999 and sported not just by Kate but by Sienna Miller also. Whoever said the Boho Blitz has blown up is mistaken. This season’s high street collections are committed to this year’s festival scene.

Where To Buy

Primark has featured in store both white-washed, denim shorts and tan coloured, fringed shorts at amazing prices of just £8.00 and £14.00. Primark also have a black feather tie hair band costing just £4.00 and a trilby hat priced at £8.00.

Topshop have a feather hair clip in both white and burgundy and priced at £12.00. A £7.00 headscarf with an explosion of ladybirds is also featured amongst Topshop’s summer accessories collection.

…amazing prices…

Tie-dye should make an appearance amongst your festival fashion. River Island has a purple tie-dye print mini dress priced at £26.99.

You can complete the festival look with a pair of their black or green quilted wellies, priced at £27.00. Aviator sunglasses can be purchased in either cream or black and cost just £14.99. Not forgetting the feather fun, a brown feather hoop chain necklace captures the festival spirit and is priced at £12.99.

…accessories should come in abundance.

Unless you’re going to Creamfields Andalusia in Spain, you’re most likely to be blessed with English weather so pack a quilted Barbour jacket to escape the evening cold.

Your accessories should come in abundance. As you pack your festival attire, replace the phrase ‘less is more’ with ‘too much is never enough’ and your good to go.

Images courtesy of Rachel D and Topshop


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