With T-Rex as the first headliner in 1970 and Bowie, Oasis, Pulp, The Cure and other musical greats headlining subsequent years, I can’t say I expected to see the lead up to this year’s festival with all hope and excitement resting on Beyoncé.

Then again, her song ‘Single Ladies’ presents the perfect opportunity to raise an enormous flag with our phone numbers on. Maybe it was inevitable we’d write U2 off as a treat for the over 50s (who will quite literally be watching through rose tinted glasses).

…it isn’t all about the headliners.

‘I love you too’ are words I have no qualms about saying, that is unless they are to be in reply to the bloke clasping onto a large bottle of economy cider in the doorway of a lingerie shop. They radiate warmth, happiness, good relationships and strong friendships. But take them out of context and plonk them into a conversation about Glastonbury and you have just made an enemy. I definitely do not love U2.

If you’ve been to Glastonbury before though, you know it isn’t all about the headliners. The smaller stages this year are fit to burst with the hottest bands and DJ’s in the world. Whether it’s Crystal Castles at The Park Stage, Cee Lo Green on the West Holts Stage, or getting a swag on with Jessie J at the Other Stage, your musical thirst will be quenched in the most eclectic manner.

…a glimpse into the (now clothed) hippy world (thank god).

This year is set to be a banger, an escape from the harsh reality of life, and a glimpse into the (now clothed) hippy world (thank god). Is it going to rain? Nobody knows, but Paul Simon will be playing on the Pyramid Stage, and word is he’s good at dealing with troublesome water…


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