It seems burrito shops are popping up all over London. Every few blocks you can find a restaurant selling “quick and cheap” Mexican food. As a California girl I hold a deep love for Mexican food and I find that no matter where I go in London, the Mexican food isn’t quite what I grew up with. I know this has to do with availability of ingredients (meat origin, spices availability, importation prices of certain ingredients), but of 3 leading burrito chains in London, Chilango, Tortilla, and Poncho 8, who does Mexican best? I set out to try to find out.


Best Pork: I love pork in my burritos and Tortilla has the best pork meat of the three.


Best Chicken: Chilango has the juiciest, most tender chicken of the three and the marinade it is cooked in is fantastic.


Best Guacamole: While Tortilla had good guacamole, Chilango by far surpassed the competition with chunky and spicy bits of avocado love.


Best Vegetarian Option: Poncho 8 has a marinated tofu option that is a nice change from the grilled vegetables usually offered to the non-meat eating bunch.


Best Beer Selection: Tortilla has a wonderful assortment of beers (and hot sauces) to choose from giving you an all around dining experience option instead of just a grab and go meal.


Best Overall: In my opinion, Chilango has the best burrito out of the three. I enjoy the size of the burritos, the guacamole, and the overall quality of the ingredients. I find that I head to Chilango on a very regular basis and when I crave a juicy, messy burrito I instantly think of Chilango before any other venue.


I expect in the next year we will continue to see a surge of burrito joints hit the market, kind of like last years burger influx. I can only hope this means that the quality of burritos on offer continue to improve and jostle for the title of the best burrito in London. I know my stomach looks forward to continuing the search.


Chilango: 5/5

Tortilla: 4/5

Poncho 8: 3/5




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