For an extremely lazy person like myself, hitting the gym is always a big problem: stepping out the door with my exercise clothes on and getting on a bus, destination working out, is needless to say the hardest part. How many times have we actually skipped a workout session because it was raining outside and we didn’t feel like leaving the warmth of our room? That is probably reason number one most students don’t work out. Number two would probably be the high prices of gym memberships, even university ones, that somehow prevent us from getting fit.

Don’t worry, those days are over: I’ve got the solution. To be honest I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it – probably while randomly searching through Youtube videos when I was actually supposed to be working out – but it doesn’t matter: what matters is that I found it, and now I’m not letting it go. is a health and fitness blog created by Cassey Ho, a young Pilates instructor that has rapidly become a fitness guru on Youtube. With her popularity growing, thanks to her frequent fitness videos that perfectly combine fun and hard work, she was named Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 by Fitness Magazine and 2° most influential online personality by Sharecare. My favourite videos are a mix of Pilates and pop songs, resulting in her weekly Pop Pilates challenges that target a specific muscle area to the rhythm of current top hits, like the Call Me Maybe squat challenge or the What Makes You Beautiful butt challenge. I dare you to do them more than once in a row, but no excuses this time: all you need is Youtube, and a towel to wipe off the sweat once you’re done.

…can indeed be done without the use of any special fitness equipment…

Most of her videos can indeed be done without the use of any special fitness equipment. No gym ball, no skipping rope and even dumbbells for her arm exercise videos are an optional: if you think investing in them is a waste of money, they can be easily replaced by bottles filled with water, starting with 1L bottles and moving up when you feel more comfortable.

If you are brand new to Pilates based exercises start with her Pop Pilates for Beginners workout and move your way up from there: you aim should be to try combining different videos to make them add up to half an hour to an hour working out each time. For most of her Pop Cardio and Pop Pilates videos the best results come by doing them four times in a row, but don’t worry if you struggle to even finish one, you will get there eventually. And if you are still lost and not knowing what to do, she publishes an exercise timetable on her blog at the beginning of each month: each day is reserved to a specific muscle group so that, by the end of the week, you will have done everything you need to in order to tone up your whole body.

Everything for free. No more excuses.



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