Diversity1Staying fit is a necessity in a world that is full of fatty and lazy temptations, but luckily Fitness First has teamed up with dance troupe Diversity to deliver something a little bit different and extremely fun.

Diversity dance group took to the floors of Spitalfields to perform an amazing dance routine. This was all in order to promote their new partnership and fitness class ‘Diversity Street Dance’ which has launched at Fitness First.



Lead by head choreographer and Got to Dance Judge Ashley Banjo, the internationally acclaimed street dance troupe and Britain’s Got Talent winners wowed crowds with their routine that was set against a unique audio-reactive light show, that streamed images and live Tweets directly onto a wall of ‘AdCubes’ to create dazzling 3D effects.

The class takes you through a fun routine, mixing street dance and fitness with a soundtrack of fun and fast tempo music. The problem with fitness is that things can become stale, so if you are interested in having a lot of fun and staying fit, then definitely get down to Fitness First.

Check out Fitness First here and their Twitter here.

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  1. maza

    Hi guys,
    I admire you so much with your courage and advise, you are all healthy dudes…i am healthy too. I do a martcial arts…i am trying hard too stay healthy but i find it hard. My friends are in the playground eating sherbart lollys, whilst im sat there with a green apple. Please may you tell me some ways of to stay healthy without eating, like some dance moves. Its important for me to stay fit because as a matcial artist, i go all around the world and fight people…(scary) and i dont eant to get hurt (dudes it kills when they hit you in the wrong places) so you no…please help argent call…..over and out, maza out….


  2. maza

    By the way i am a girl and maza is my nick name, i am called marianna, its a horrible name i no…:-(



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