One of the first rules of clean eating is that if you don’t have the willpower or the strength to eat it responsibly you should keep it out of the house.

Controlling what we buy when we go food shopping would therefore be the first step to keep to that simple, yet challenging rule, and although I have found that avoiding aisles full of crisps, chocolate and cakes can be difficult, even when full of our best intentions, there is always a way to succeed: looking at motivating pictures before leaving the house and going to the grocery stores right after my gym session are the ones that work best for me. But what if we are going out to eat with our (unhealthy) friends?

Keeping a social life when trying to be healthy, especially in a big city, can seem a hard task, but giving it up only to avoid Burger King fries and Starbucks cookies is not the right solution: in every fast food restaurant or coffee shops there are healthier (or less unhealthy) options than what we usually chose.

…categorised as majorly unhealthy…

Sticking to grilled chicken salads and water when going to McDonalds or Burger King can be tricky, but anything else on the menu would be categorised as majorly unhealthy and should undoubtedly be avoided.

When going to Subway, the choice is a little wider: they don’t only have salads that you can create with your favourite ingredients, but their subs can also be a healthy option, if chosen in the right way. To avoid having too many processed carbs in one meal, stick to wheat bread and chicken or turkey breast as filling, and lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber toppings while avoiding the cheese and the extra sauces.

…completely banning chocolate drinks…

When eating out at Pizza Hut, stick to their salad buffet at lunch and salad dishes at dinner, while avoiding garlic bread, pizzas and fizzy drinks.

When at Starbucks or any other coffee shop for a chat or a quick break, stick to plain coffee, skinny lattes and green teas, while completely banning chocolate drinks, cream toppings and caramel sauces from your order. If hungry, stick to their tuna lunch boxes or muesli bars but stay away from cookies, muffins or chocolate brownies.

…contain the damage…

If eating out at a proper restaurant avoid anything fried, creamy or buttery while trying to choose anything boiled, steamed, grilled or roasted. Order a salad instead of fries and water instead of soda.

But if you decide you want to have a cheat meal once in a while, don’t hesitate to have it. Instead, contain the damage: have a small hot chocolate instead of a large one, a six inch sub instead of a foot long and a slice of pizza instead of the whole thing. Because remember, another key rule of clean eating is this: everything in moderation, including moderation.

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  1. Berkay

    First you have to be committed to what you are going to do like that chart idea you stueesggd. Make sure that you read the nutrition label and get proper serving sizes to make graphing easier i.e. a handful, half a bowl, and things like that. Meaning if you eat something eat a full serving size of it to be more precise. To keep away pounds eat only 70 grams of fat and about 3000 calories a day. That will ensure no more weight gain. The carbs provide energy ,but too many carbs can contribute to weight gain. So eat only 3 slices of bread the whole day. As for the rewards it’s good to reward yourself when you accomplish your goal. If you can’t meet your goal and you did your best than just stay home and plan what you will eat for tomorrow. Don’t think about not eating food for any amount of days because we need at least 1000 calories a day to maintain your energy levels. Plus do it too many days and you’ll get malnutrition. So, make a chart of what you eat, get precise portions, don’t go over 70 grams of fat and 3000 calories, and last but not least if you over eat don’t feel bad just plan what you will eat tomorrow, and if you under eat just eat anything that won’t go over the limit too much or not at all preferably. This is what I think u should do for your problem.



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