The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is part of a family of viruses (numbering around 200 strains) that can help in the development of cervical cancer, genital warts and several lesser common cancers.

It is estimated that over 80% of women in the US have contracted one of the 200 strains by the time they are fifty. In most cases the symptoms are treatable, but several of the strains are incredibly dangerous which has lead to provisions by certain governments to administer vaccines to the most at risk: females.

…due to an increase in oral sex…

However, there have been an increased number of cases of throat cancer in men that scientists are baffled about. The problem is that before tobacco and alcohol use had been the main causes, which occur in the tonsils, base of the tongue and upper throat. But over the past few years, studies have shown HPV is playing a role in these cancer rates, likely due to an increase in oral sex.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and for women who contract it, in most cases, their bodies clear the virus through the cervix quickly, as only an infection that persists for years is a real risk.

…detection is made difficult…

Men are more at risk supposedly... wonder why?Regular Pap smears ensure the virus is caught quickly, however this cannot be said for males as detection is made difficult by a lack of a clear indication in the mouth or throat area.

HPV-related throat cancer has grown from 0.8 cases in every 100,000 people in 1988 to 2.6 cases per 100,000 in 2004. On the scale of things that is still quite a small amount of cases, but if the growth continues in the same pattern then HPV could be causing more throat cancer then cervical cancer by 2012. No one is completely sure why, but HPV related cancer is much more common in men.

There are vaccines available and if you have a sore throat for more than two weeks (and you’re using medication to cure it) it is best to go and see your doctor. Or alternatively check out The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.


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