For the first time in 15 years, Arsene Wenger finds his position as Arsenal manager seemingly becoming untenable. The discontent surrounding the Emirates Stadium of late has been founded by the promise of successes coming off the back of a now failed youth project. Arsene Wenger has earned himself the title of Arsenal’s most successful manager in the club’s history, and yet there are cries for his removal as the club are now likely to go down another arduous and frustrating period of transition.

The problem that Arsene Wenger has is that it appears he has laid to rest his own career by achieving so much in such little time. It took the Frenchman only one full season at Arsenal to win the Premier League title and FA Cup double. He laid the foundations for state-of-the-art training and youth facilities off the back of some incredible frugality in the transfer market; and yet the genius of Arsenal’s greatest custodian is being forgotten for a mere 6 year trophy drought.

…in a time of money-hungry mercenaries and artificial income…

While it’s fairly obvious that Arsenal need to reinvest in their playing squad following the departure of captain Cesc Fabregas; the loss of key players is nowhere near enough of a reason to justify losing Arsene Wenger. This is a man who has offered so much to football in this country and continues to show values and integrity in a time of money-hungry mercenaries and artificial income.

The memories of Wenger’s early Arsenal teams featuring Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Sol Campbell now seem a distant memory to those who are struggling to see any sign of light in a distinctly difficult time for the club. Gone are the days where Wenger guaranteed a trophy every season. “The Invincibles” were one of those sporting marvels that never got the true, long-lasting praise it deserved, and it’s possibly the highlight of Arsenal’s 125 year history. Sadly, any evidence of that once great squad are nowhere to be seen.

…successfully and consistently negotiate through the rigours of the Premier league…

The current dry spell that Arsenal are going through is one headed by Wenger following the move into the 60,000 seat Emirates Stadium, and one that is needed to ensure the longevity of the club. While Wenger has to get by in the transfer market with bargain signings and youth development, his counterparts at debt-ridden clubs have no answer to the questions regarding their own club’s long-term security. And while star players may be looking to pastures in search of silverware (or sometimes a higher pay package) the club have been able to successfully and consistently negotiate through the rigours of the Premier league to secure Champions League football.

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