If there was a year to be nominated for BBC’s Sports Personality of the year, 2012 wasn’t it, I mean, you never really stood a chance did you?

If I sat amongst the nominees and looked to my left or right, at no point would I think I deserved it any more than the next person. At least it was a people’s choice award, unlike the rest of the awards which are left to the panel, because if I’d have been given the deciding vote, I’d probably have split the award 12 ways.

Mod-impersonator and rather good cyclist Bradley Wiggins managed to pinch the honour, though pinching sounds an awful lot like stealing and taking something that isn’t yours does not seem to apply here. The velour-enthusiast chaffed, grunted, and bled for every single stripe he got this year, in what, as a cyclist, was about as perfect as one’s cycling achievements can get, and more notably, all done  in one calendar season.

…quite impressive…

I needn’t remind you that Wiggins became the first British man to win the Tour de France since its inaugural year way back in 1903. That achievement stands on its own two feet, but to showcase consistency, Wiggins grabbed a gold medal at the London Olympics, his 7th Olympic medal of which 4 are gold. That really is quite impressive. No actually Bradley, that’s incredible.

But to fend off competition like runner-up Jessica Ennis, whose ability to cope with the phenomenal amount of pressure, media attention and general exposure prior to and throughout the Olympics, really says something. I don’t quite understand how she didn’t spontaneously combust, however I can safely assume that the hidden quality she possesses is what separates the professionals from the social netballers.

…at no point did I feel any sense of impatience between awards…

Kudos to BBC too for putting on a great show to cap off a stellar sporting schedule in a city that really does play host like no other. And mention to the evening’s hosts – Clare Balding, as faultless and cool as always, with Susan Barker and Gary Lineker topping off a well-rounded trio to carry the night. Unlike most awards ceremony, at no point did I feel any sense of impatience between awards, I was happy to absorb the brilliant scenery that was on display in an incredibly entertaining event. With 14.5 million people watching, they certainly gave Wiggins and 2012 the send-off they deserved.

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After playing various sports relatively well from a young age, as most people can when their knees are brand new and running is considered fun, the ability to do so has miraculously dried up and I've now funnelled the still-very-much-present obsession into writing about sports instead and all the overflowing subject matter that surrounds it.

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  1. Rhianna

    Jessica Ennis, she is not the first all the last person to have pressure like that put on her remember Cathy Freeman…Sydney….now that was pressure- She had to do everything… and still win the medal and front up. (I am not taking it away from Ennis though) but this is sport and the nature of the beast. I think it is great to have so many well deserving people being acknowledge and the efforts of the unsung heroes who get them there.



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