With the Olympic madness over and the Paralympics just around the corner it’s nice to hear that between all the sport fantastic that has dominated the news, BMX veteran Kye Forte has recently broken a Guinness World Record.

For those not in the know, Kye Forte is a world renowned BMX rider who has had his fair share of moments in the spotlight. He’s got his own brand of signature BMX parts, regularly competes in contests all over the world and designed and implemented the impressive and hugely successful Red Bull Empire Of Dirt event.

…planning out, scouting a location and building the monster ramp…

Kye teamed up with Samsung to make his dream of smashing the world record of the highest ramp jump on a bicycle come true. After planning out, scouting a location and building the monster ramp; Kye and his brother attempt and succeed in jumping up 6.38 meters for the record.

With the Olympics shadowing other sports news it’s nice to know that hard work and collaboration has paid off for the BMX celebrity. World records are there to be beaten and Kye deserves to be the new record holder. Check out the worthwhile video and see the set-up and jump that breaks the record.




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