Disgraceful… deplorable… immoral? Not a chance: the David Haye/Dereck Chisora saga was always destined to end up in the ring – and so it should.

Though many have seemingly awoken from perennial hibernation to declare their angst at the sheer prospect of it all, the Upton Park showing on 14 July must go on.

…immortalized Haye and Chisora’s rivalry.

By now, the mesmerising plethora of hype has all but immortalized Haye and Chisora’s rivalry. Their February mass brawl in Munich sent a thrill down many a spine and generated a buzz of interest that the sport of boxing was, frankly, in desperate need of.

When their eyes meet, it is there for all to see: the intensity, the hatred, the eagerness to send their nemesis hurtling to the floor with an uppercut to the jaw.

…bounds of boxing law…

So why not let these athletes release all this rage, all this anxiety – but only for it to be constructive, within the bounds of boxing law and without any threats of shootings or throwing of tripods?

Of course, the actions of Haye that night and – especially – the mentally distressed Chisora (on innumerable occasions) were disgraceful, deplorable and immoral. But that’s been and gone; the post-match scenes were inexcusable – the upcoming fight is not.

…transform this vile episode…

What an opportunity this brings for boxing; what better way for the sport to move forward than to transform this vile episode into a contextualised, regulated and potentially unforgettable fight? Indeed, what better spectacle for the world of professional fighting than a clash between two men who possess such visible animosity toward each other?

When Haye and Chisora joked about getting in the ring on that infamous night in Munich, promoter Frank Warren overtly backed the suggestion up. From that moment onwards, there was a distinct inevitability about it all.  

Don’t condemn it…

And so, despite the efforts of the BBC (and thanks to the Luxembourg Boxing Federation), 14 July will bring us Haye and Chisora’s very own nostalgic rendition of the old age of Las Vegas trash-talking and Mike Tyson ear-biting. Don’t condemn it or feign disinterest. Be there. Just be there. You won’t want to miss it.

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