Is there any truth to Amir Khan’s claims?

…plan was one resembling a hit and run…

Amir Khan the carrier of the hope of a nation. A young fighter who promised so much. But now, as the Bolton-born boxer comes to a vital crossroads in his career, that promise has sunk.  In December, Lamont Peterson became the second boxer to defeat Khan in a professional match. Ahead of the bout, the plan was one resembling a hit and run: destroy Peterson and move on to Mayweather. But so suddenly, the plan failed. Defeat for a British sportsman, yet again… Though, according to Khan’s camp, it isn’t all that straightforward. An air of controversy surrounded the fight, with Khan claiming a mystery man had interfered in the judging…


The Fight

…homeless on the capital’s streets. 

That now infamous night in Washington saw a fairytale victory for Peterson, who was once homeless on the capital’s streets. The fight went the distance and saw Khan docked points for pushing on two occasions. The result was a split decision: 113-112 to Peterson, 114-111 to Khan, 113-112 to Peterson. Initially, the Khan camp had their qualms with the referee, but pundit, Frank Warren, has stated that Khan was just too easy to hit. Twelve rounds were done, but the fight raged on, turning into a contest between Khan’s managers and the boxing authorities, with the press room replacing the ring. 


Khan’s Claims

…suspicions were aroused on the night,

Amir Khan‘s camp has claimed that a man spoke to WBA supervisor, Michael Welsh, and interfered with the judges’ scorecards. Khan’s personal Twitter account was fraught with suggestions of interference. “On tape, you see him [the unidentified man] around Peterson’s corner celebrating”, he said. Khan isn’t “accusing any of the bodies” but needs answers to “legitimate questions” that raise serious concern. Welsh refused to answer any questions on the matter when contacted by BBC Sport. Trainer, Freddie Roach, stated that his suspicions were aroused on the night, while the WBA accept the need for a rematch, with the IBF declining to comment.



…lack of a better phrase? 

So, is there a solid foundation to the questioning of the match’s integrity, or is it just sour grapes? Schaefer claims he knows the identity of the mystery man and is insisting that a no-contest be called, resulting in Khan getting his titles back. This smacks of typical PR men at work. Controversy surrounds sport endlessly, but when succumbing to defeat, it should be done gracefully. No, Khan lost and that was that. Yahoo Boxing Writer, Kevin Iole, believes that Khan is simply stunned by the loss and is looking for excuses; excuses supported by only the most circumstantial evidence.  Khan’s camp will do anything to undo another blow to his credentials as one of the world’s best boxers. 


The Aftermath

…giving away his real intentions. 

Now, down to what is probably the real reason behind all of this: the re-match.  Khan himself has stated that a re-match is more important than reversing the decision, perhaps giving away his real intentions. And, surprise, surprise, Schaefer has told Sky Sports News that the WBA have ordered one. So, whether their claims have validity or not, it appears Khan’s camp have achieved their aim. Though, analysts warn that it will be a much tougher contest next time out: this fight may not be close enough to use any mystery man excuses.


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