It seems somewhat odd, disconcerting even, to be writing an article celebrating any aspect of cricket in the wake of such messy and disappointing revelations in recent weeks.

The Pakistani match fixing scandal has already shown cricketing corruption to be rife in at least one nation and fans could be forgiven for wondering where the next issues will rise from. Many may think that cricket is rotten to the very core, but it is so important that we argue against this and fight for the reputation of a sport previously thought of as gentlemanly, dignified and respectful.

…white shining armour.

A great man

Not for the first time in his career, Sachin Tendulkar is a knight in resplendent white shining armour. With cricket on its back, stricken and ill, the little master has come to the rescue with the latest in a long line of achievements certain to bring a smile to the face of even the most weary, cynical fan.

Tendulkar has passed 12,000 runs. An achievement that surely deserves its own sentence, paragraph even.

…explanation of the calculating creativity…

There can simply be no doubt about the greatness of this man. Sachin’s mother worked in insurance and his father was a novelist. Perhaps here lies an explanation of the calculating creativity that so impressively mixes attrition, style and success in his batting.

Sachin still has one important record to break: his 100th international century. While he strives for this, we wait with baited breath. In dark times, we must not linger on the grim wrongdoers but look for hope in the old places, in the joy of a young debutant, in the magnificent performance of an ageing warhorse, and in the icons of this wonderful game that will always mean so much more than the miserable antics of a select few.

…reflect on his indescribable career…

Tendulkar has broken record after record in his career and may continue to do so until his retirement. One would hope that day is not too far in the future if not for the selfish reason of simply wishing to be able to reflect on his indescribable career then in the hope that his reputation is not tarnished in any way. Inspire India to one last win and leave on a high, Sachin. Oh, and thank you for everything.

Images courtesy of Sachin Tendulkar


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