Since the unveiling of the ‘Boris Bikes’, cycling has become one of the fastest growing trends of transport in London.

Even with the unfortunate death on the Barclays Superhighway, thousands are still flocking to get healthier and save on travel expenses.

And why shouldn’t they? With travel expenses taking up almost one third of annual incomes, there is no reason to save on money by purchasing or renting a bike.

…South West London is the next planned location for more docking stations…

Barclays are pushing the cycling craze by incorporating new expansion plans. South West London is the next planned location for more docking stations and over 2000 new rental bikes. With an increase in rentals almost doubling over the last year the bike may soon take over more conventional ways of transport.

Although it still can be very dangerous to cycle in London (Couriers are the number one cyclists to get hit by buses) I implore you to try out a rental bike. You don’t have to imagine you’re competing in the Tour de France, just hit the Southbank and leisurely take in the sites.



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