What do Spanish cyclists and Tesco burgers have in common?

Both have recently been found to contain dubious amounts of horse. Following revelations about surprise foodstuff ingredients, the fresh news that Spanish cyclists were doped with drugs used in horse-racing must have left equestrian-lovers across the globe quaking in their riding boots.

After 7 years of intense legal proceedings following the discovery of his elaborate doping ring, Dr Eufemiano Fuentes and co will finally face the courtroom. Fuentes will finally be facing trial for endangering lives by supplying the athletes under his care with enough illegal substances that would even give Charlie Sheen a heart attack.

…he was forced to take a wide array of drugs and blood transfusions…

Key to proceedings are the testimonies of Spanish cyclist Jesus Manzano, who claims he was forced to take a wide array of drugs and blood transfusions whilst part of the now disbanded Team Kelme. He was eventually kicked off the team after accusing Fuentes of endangering his life when Manzano fell seriously ill after receiving a blood transfusion.

Some of the substances Manzano claimed he was coerced to take included: EPO, which increases the concentration of red blood cells and thus the amount of oxygen available for the body’s muscles; Chorionic Gonadotropin, a female hormone; Synacthen, used in horse-racing; Oxyglobin, a blood derivative manufactured for dogs to increase the blood’s oxygen levels; and Actovegin, a drug derived from calf blood.

…doping may not be isolated to just one sport…

However, what is so interesting about this case is that the doping may not be isolated to just one sport. It has been revealed that Fuentes’ clients, many of which are professional cyclists, also included football, track and field, swimming and tennis professionals. Despite this, it is the reputation of cycling that will be most affected and become almost irrecoverable as many will still be reeling from the scandals of Lance Armstrong.

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