Infiniti, the luxury car brand of Nissan, who previously had appointed Sebastian Vettel as its brand ambassador have gone the extra mile recently and started their new worldwide ad campaign. Starting off by releasing their viral campaign for television and the social web Infiniti have showcased their relationship with Vettel by having him star and drive Infiniti’s latest car the Infiniti FX.

Where better to show off Vettel’s profile than on the driving track, exploring a car that a year ago he helped to design (the aptly named Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version). His version has a limited edition production and run, but the main point is that Vettel’s relationship with Infiniti is as strong as ever. With The F1 hotting up and the advertising looking as sexy as Performance isn’t black and white we can expect more great collaborations with Infiniti in the future. Perhaps Red Bull will jump on the band wagon, as they advertise predominantly for F1 and with new cars like the RB8 around the corner after the success of the RB7 (that racked up 12 wins, 27 podiums and 18 pole positions) we can only hope that something good will happen between them.

…the biggest name within the world’s most high-profile form of motorsport…

The 2012 Infiniti FX looks like a sound vehicle and new additions include a revised grille and bumper designs, new gauges in the main instrument cluster, standard heated seats up front across the range, and the introduction of a brand new Limited Edition FX35 AWD (303 horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 engine).

Infiniti have picked a good poster boy for their campaigns and with Vettel’s reputation as being the biggest name within the world’s most high-profile form of motorsport, Infiniti shod have no problems in shifting their new product.

Image courtesy of Infiniti



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