With intense speculation over his future in recent months, Lewis Hamilton could have done with a favourable result last Sunday as he looked to chase down Alonso at the top of the F1 standings.

His race could not have gone much worse.

…coughing in fits…

Instead of triumphing at the chequered flag he left Singapore empty handed, tapping his steering wheel followed by a shake of the head as his gearbox slowly gave up, coughing in fits and starts before surrendering with a high pitch whine. As he left the cockpit it was hard not to feel sorry for him. 23 laps into the Singaporean grand prix and he looked a dead cert for finishing well ahead of the pack. Half a lap later he slowed to a complete stop.

You’d have to imagine Sebastian Vettel’s face when he saw Hamilton pull up. Was he happy? Thrilled? Or was he focused on finishing the race to take maximum advantage after his mechanical failures in races past?

…grand total of zero…

Glancing at the table Hamilton is now fourth, fifty-two points behind Ferrari’s Alonso and usurped by Kimi Raikkonen, a driver with a grand total of zero wins this season compared to Hamilton’s three.

Consistency and luck are things that Hamilton lacks but his rivals seem to have in this final stretch. The big winner last weekend had to be Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso: F1’s Mr Consistency. While he hasn’t excelled in recent races, he’s kept his car in the hunt, careful not to take risks with glory so close. Vettel gained on Alonso by a small margin and with 150 points still to race, for everyone up to Hamilton (perhaps Mark Webber too) is in with a shout. It’s the hallmark of a good season that with six races left the champion hasn’t been decided yet. Hamilton will hope that he still has a say in who wins the championship.

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