With the excitement and ever-increasing trend of foreign ownership in the Premier League, should we be worried about losing the identity of one of Europe’s elite leagues to the influence of those abroad?

While many of the top tier in the Premier League have been at the centre of a foreign ownership debate; the thrill of a powerful hand in the transfer market and the possibility of trophies on the horizon, should fans be concerned that foreign owners could bring their own values into a league that is a model to those on the continent?

…question of scrapping relegation…

The big recent debate was the question of scrapping relegation and, in turn, promotion from the Championship. Of course the matter is of no concern to teams who find themselves regularly in the top half of the league, but those who are often involved in the annual relegation dog fight will have something to say about it.

It’s a very delicate issue that of course works in North America due to their system of minor and junior leagues. A draft system also helps to ensure that no relegation means their leagues can become more competitive with a new selection of title challengers every few seasons. But it’s an idea that cannot be accepted in England.

…how close to heart… 

Similarly, there’s an issue of how close to heart foreign owners hold their new Premier League clubs. Are they taking their newly acquired team forward to be successful on the pitch and in markets around the world, or are they simply a tool for personal gain?

Manchester United and Glazers are at the fore of such questions. From an outsider’s perspective it’s hard to see a problem with a group of owners willing to back a manager seemingly limitlessly in the transfer market. But from the perspective of a United fan, the Glazers are a cancer inside Manchester United.

…gets tired of the project… 

How will the free-spending Manchester City cope when the Financial Fair Play rule is enforced? What happens when Roman Abramovich gets tired of the project at Chelsea and calls it a day?

Yes many will cast envious eyes towards these teams as they splash so effortlessly on the world’s top talents, but what of the ramifications in the long term? It’s easy to spend £50 million on a quick-fix solution to an underachieving team. It’s a lot more difficult to find a way out of financial difficulties a number of years ahead.

…prides itself on competitive quality…

For now, however, the issue at the front of a likely growing list of problems is the issue on relegation. Not only does it give teams from lower leagues hope of playing amongst the top dogs, it also adds to the excitement of the Premier League product. The English top tier prides itself on competitive quality from top to bottom; a league where any of the lower sides can pick up a surprise victory over one of the top four.

The Premier League is one which needs the relegation battle to supplement the excitement of a title race, and more than ever, Premier League fans need to be aware of foreign owners imposing this incongruous ruling. 

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