Ashley Cole recently highlighted why it is not only important to not aggravate the F.A., but also why it is important not to react in the ‘heat of the moment’ – particularly through a media service that will broadcast your message to the entire internet-speaking world. ‘Discretion is the better part of valour’, so they say, but for many a young sportsman this old adage seems to have past them by, for the hubris of today’s sportsman appears to be growing beyond even their own inclinations.

The F.A., as with any respectable, professional organisation, does not adhere to the impetuous whims of a renowned sportsman, even if they do appear somewhat self-conscious of their own abilities to proffer a just verdict, regarding handing out fines and match bans that seem rather incongruent between alike misdemeanours. Still, they are willing to stipulate a penalty of some kind if a footballer gregariously steps beyond the parameters of acceptable behaviour, of which they seem to do more and more. I do have my doubts as to whether they are acting worse these days, believing it is actually the result of a medium with which to state in short, sharp speech, their innermost feelings, that has evidently allowed these celebrities to ‘speak their mind’ to all their adoring fans.

In defence of the F.A. – as above I feel I’ve been a little too hasty to chastise – they do act with authority and vigour when necessary, as in the case of racist outbursts, for example, or manager’s shoving match officials. They, like any other professional organisation will not allow their reputable, labelled ‘best in the world’, Premier League, to be continually brought into disrepute by these capricious folks.

…disgraceful scenes…

More topically, and actually far more resoundingly, the F.A. has just threatened to boycott Serbia after the disgraceful scenes which emerged towards the end of the recent U-21 match, brought on by a series of racist chants from the native fans. The Serbian F.A. has retaliated saying they found no evidence of racism.

The F.A. have shown they are not to be toyed with in the domestic league, and it is now left to see whether they can exact their methods of justice, and flex those proverbial muscles on an international level. Anyone who caught the end of that aforementioned match will be sincerely hoping that they are able to bring about a conclusion that will uphold their air of respectability and professionalism and, of course, protect and honour those young men who were unfortunately subjected to such unforgiveable abuse that night in the Serbian stadium.

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