For those who don’t know, taking loans are forbidden for Muslims. Also forbidden is promoting it and associating with loans in any way whatsoever.

Speaking as a Muslim if I was Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse or Hatem Ben Arfa I would leave. It does sound crazy just leaving a club over something seemingly small but as a devout Muslim, my love for my religion comes first. However it is one thing being able to give my opinion on a matter but it is another knowing what I would actually do in that position.

…only one should matter…

Amidst Newcastle United‘s new shirt sponsor with loan company Wonga, the Muslim Council of Britain have forbidden Newcastle’s Muslim players of ‘promoting’ the company through wearing the shirt. I would agree with them due to my faith but it is more complicated than meets the eye. Footballer’s contracts, money, fame and love for the club and fans all come into play before any footballing decisions are made. In this instance only one should matter for Newcastle’s deadly trio and that is faith.

To discuss each of them separately, Demba Ba is a devout Muslim. His goal celebrations usually consist of going on his knees into the ‘sujood’ (prayer) position and he recently visited the holy city of Mecca for the Umrah pilgrimage. Ba has started this season as fantastic as the last by leading all scorers in the Premier League with 6 goals.

…technical ability is amazing…

Hatem Ben Arfa on the other hand is the opposite and I’m speaking on facts. Not to be judgemental but he did mention in an interview that he drinks occasionally and openly ‘chases’ women. His footballing ability is through the roof, Ben Arfa’s technical ability is amazing and he is critical to Newcastle’s hopes of success this season.

Papiss Cisse: Newcastle’s second deadly striker. Who knows where the club would have finished last season without his barrage of goals and sensational plays? The club finished ahead of the champions of Europe and it was mostly thanks to Cisse. He is known to be a devout Muslim but this situation will be a test of not only Cisse’s faith but also of Ben Arfa and Ba.

…lack of openness of their Islamic faith…

The question must be asked regarding Newcastle’s board: Why didn’t they take some of their key players faiths into consideration before making the deal? Was it even thought about? Was this due to the lack of openness of their Islamic faith by the trio? Many can guess and speculate as to what the players decide to do but whatever they decide they will lose the respect of one group or the other: devout Muslims or the Newcastle United fans. 

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