Two feuds came to an end last week. The Haye and Chisora bout at Upton Park ended in scarcely believable smiles and hugs considering the fight’s raison d’être. Another “feud”, manufactured or otherwise, between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand came to a protracted end except; it will most certainly rumble on for the next few weeks if not months.

Cleared of committing a public order offence John Terry found himself in the unenviable position of being declared innocent, but still under the threat of facing FA sanctions. The affair, since it kicked off nine months ago during the QPR/Chelsea match, has caused offence and embarrassment to a number of people too numerous to name. The implications of the trial and any possible FA punishment could have ramifications for the sport for quite a while yet.

…lack of evidence…

Whether you agree that the case should have been brought to court, what Terry said, and specifically the order of the words – sarcastically implied or not – should never have been uttered on a football pitch. The lack of evidence over whether Terry’s comments were said with racial intent saw the case rightly thrown out, a stark comparison to the Evra/Suarez affair which saw the latter charged on probability. The FA will now have to look at the case and deem whether Terry’s foul and abusive language should have a place in football grounds around the country, or face accusations of not doling out consistent punishments.

Ducking the issue would show a lack of support for racism campaigns; taking a firm stance could alienate supporters and other various stakeholders who may want to move on from this particularly ugly fallout swiftly. Whatever happens this issue has revealed tensions within the game that need to be mended or risk losing the confidence of those who play the game, attend matches or watch at home. What’s your opinion on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

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