With all the transfer talk it’s hard to pick a more contentious story than that of Tottenham Hot Spurs star Gareth Bale.

With his move to Real Madrid still not secured just two days out from the close of the transfer window, relations between the clubs, if not already delicate, have deteriorated further.

Fernando Fernandez Tapias, vice-president of the Spanish club, is accusing Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy of “dragging their feet”, with dotted lines securing the Welsh national yet to be signed, which is said to have left the winger “furious and frustrated”.

…Bale was missing from training all week…

While officially unavailable due to a foot injury Bale was missing from training all week, much to the irritation of Spurs Manager Andre Villas-Boas, however the 24 year old has been named in the Welsh squad ahead of fixtures with Macedonia and Serbia.​

Madrid, however bothered, will be forced to wait to sign Bale as Tottenham insist on signing a replacement before releasing their star player, despite Argentinean winger Erik Lamela now confirmed for a club record of £30m and Romanian defender Vlad Chirches arrival at the Spurs considered imminent.

…unveil Bale on Tuesday…

The Spaniard’s presumptuous approach to Bale’s arrival has hardly championed their cause for a swift close. Their indignation at the pace of proceedings was undermined after the club jumped the gun, erecting a stage at The Bernabeu in preparation to unveil Bale on Tuesday. This move was only amplified by the club’s sale of Bale replica shirts and the premature briefing of media on their timetable of displaying the star.

The £86 million transfer, a world-record, will undoubtedly go ahead but it’s with no element of surprise that there was a complete absence of amicability – large sums and large egos rarely mix well.

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