In a word, is Arsenal’s season over?

No, they have the chance to progress to the next round of the Champions League and consolidate another 4th place finish to qualify for the competition next year. Is Arsenal’s season over realistically? Sadly, it seems it is.

Not many take glee in Arsenal’s torment with regard to the lack of silverware, unless they support a fellow North London team. Along with Swansea, and to a lesser extent Liverpool, they have crafted a reputation truly in tune with the concept of football as entertainment; giving the fans their money’s worth.

…no logical reason…

But an all too familiar tale has struck Arsene Wenger’s side when there was no logical reason for it. Blackburn are an aspiring under Michael Appleton, attempting to bounce back from last season’s relegation woes, but failure to progress to the quarter finals leaves a lot of soul searching to be done.  Granted, Blackburn struck lucky with the winning goal and Arsenal had plenty of chances but it boils down to the fact the Championship wanted it more, which showed over the course of the 90 minutes.

The time has gone when Arsenal could simply turn up to lower league sides, and stun them into submission with their brand of football. A very real chance to progress into the League Cup semi-finals was lost when Bradford could sense the fragility in an Arsenal side that couldn’t win on penalties. This, coupled with the FA Cup loss, has left Arsenal with the unlikely task of beating Bayern Munich to have even a remote chance of finishing with silverware this season. Judging by the current form of both sides, against a team that has only conceded 7 league goals in 22 games, Arsenal face a huge task to move beyond this round of the Champions League.

…there are better sides than them…

With Arsene Wenger seemingly reluctant to strengthen his squad with world class recruits, the fact remains that in both the domestic and foreign leagues, there are better sides than them. Another season finishing in the top 4 will be a minor struggle should Spurs surge in form continue, and it remains to be seen how long fans will put up with the same displays of consistency instead of actual results.

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