Ben Gore has officially been promoted. The Florida native has achieved the skateboarder’s dream, by making the professional ranks of ripping skateboarding firm Stereo Sound Agency. He follows in the footsteps of skateboarding favourites such as Jason Lee (also that bloke off My Name is Earl) and Chris Pastras to join the elite line-up under the flanks of Stereo.  

For many years Gore has been embracing the streets of Miami and San Francisco. He featured in Josh Stewart’s “Welcome to MIA” video in 2010 and has been eager to discover extraordinary places with which to indulge his board. 

…he accomplishes each maneuver with a mix of technical brilliance and quiet enthusiasm…

The opportunity is no surprise, in fact it was set in stone for Ben Gore. He glides with an air of honesty and commitment. Although adventurous, picking the most casual hot spots to perform, he accomplishes each maneuver with a mix of technical brilliance and quiet enthusiasm.  

Distinguished as “the perfect Stereo rider”, now he gets to ride with fellow Stereo professionals including Clint Peterson and Benny Fairfax, who grew up on the southwest coast of England, and took London’s South bank skateboarding scheme by storm. With the addition of Gore to the Stereo pro bill, the skateboarding outfit can only prosper. 

Below is a video of Ben Gore doing what he does best:

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