Real Madrid boss Jose Mouriniho has expressed his interest in the spurs winger over recent weeks, offering a sum of 35 million for the Welshman. Spurs have replied to this offer with a proposed fee of 55 million, but is this too much to ask?


Why he is worth 55 million?

As bale is Tottenham’s stand out player, to put a hefty price tag on him is reasonable, spurs would struggle to find a player to fill the gap that would be left if Bale departed. Last season Bale played in 36/38 premier league matches, proving how vital he is to the club. In terms of ability Gareth Bale is shaping up to be one of the most dangerous left wingers in the world. His super pace and great crossing ability makes him fundamentally a perfect winger. On top of this are attributes such as strength and skill which make him one of the toughest to defend against in the premier league. Manchester City right back Micah Richards said ‘Bale made me feel an inch tall. Took me to pieces.’


Why he isn’t worth the big money?

Although Bale has incredible ability 55 million pounds is a large fee for any player. His conversion rate this season has been poor, scoring 9 goals from 80 shots. For a winger his  amount of assists this season has also been low with just 1. Bales defending is also weak, however this is counterbalanced by his attacking ability. Bale also carries the highest number of bookings for diving in the Barclays Premier league since 2011, this may not be something a club wants when thinking about buying the Spurs star.


Is he or isn’t he?

Despite Bale’s unique ability, 55 million is a bit far, a good price would be around 10 million less, he doesn’t quite have the final touches that other successful wingers have, such as Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery. However Bale is only 23 and has a long career ahead of him, giving him a long time to develop into a world class player with a world class price tag.

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