I still can’t believe Alex Ferguson’s reign as Manchester United boss is over. David Moyes has been chosen as the man to succeed him. Unfortunately some of the decisions he has implemented have already placed doubt in my mind about what he will achieve here.

In this moment of time I am unconvinced by his credentials for this position. He has never won a major trophy with Everton and now he has been put in charge of a club where winning a trophy each year is a must. There is also the small matter of the Champions League. Moyes has no experience of Europe so how will he fare when he comes face to face with Europe’s elite teams?

We are at the beginning of August, and surprisingly Manchester United have made no major signings. All their hopes rest on Cesc Fabregas making a move from Barcelona but this transfer looks highly unlikely. Officials for the Spanish giants insist he is not for sale so then why are United not looking at other players elsewhere?

…the perfect ticket for a title defence…

The Red Devils require strengthening throughout their team. If they want to compete in Europe’s premier competition they cannot do so without improving the midfield and tightening the creaky back line. The dynamic duo of Ferdinand and Vidic has been wavering: Rio Ferdinand is missing the smart and agility of the great defender he use to be and Nemanja Vidic has been plagued by injury. A new centre back would be the perfect ticket for a title defence.The Red Devils have even dropped to third favourites behind City and Chelsea at bookmakers like Coral Sports.”

With regard to the midfield, Manchester’s finest lack energy and creativity. How do they expect Robin Van Persie to deliver his 30 odd goals for the season without any adequate service? If I were in Moyes’ shoes I would ditch the pessimistic play of Nani and Antonio Valencia and replace them with an attacking player eager to bomb down the wings.

…He did not handle the Wayne Rooney situation properly…

Another area I feel the new boss needs to work on is the management of his squad. He did not handle the Wayne Rooney situation properly. An effective manager would not publicize that a star player was second fiddle to another. Moyes will have bigger problems to face during the season: like dealing with the attitude of key players in key games, regulating the press, restraining Jose Mourinho and Manchester City. He must organize his presence and persona in the media if he wants to last in this job.

The season opener is literally around the corner. The Community Shield will be a good indicator of how United will operate as a unit this term. I hope for the sake of all neutral fans David Moyes is the brilliant tactician Alex Ferguson identified with when he picked him to take the helm at Old Trafford. If he is, this title race could turn into one of the best and closest in many years.

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