David Beckham has had to make a number of difficult decisions over the last few weeks. With the launch of a new ‘bodywear’ range for H&M, the footballer-turned-fashion-designer has no doubt been faced with a number of underwear-related conundrums. From long johns to playing contracts, Beckham’s decisions have not ended with the age-old debate of Y-fronts versus boxer shorts. In fact, over the last few months all eyes have been on where the famous footballer would choose to ply his trade at the end of the MLS season. Of course, when you’re David Beckham, choosing your club is more than just a family affair. But when it was announced that the midfielder had signed a new two-year contract with LA Galaxy, it would seem that the ultimate decision came down to just that: family. Having resided in Los Angeles for five years, the Beckham brood are clearly settled in California, “we have had an amazing time living here, and working here, and our children are happy, so that was the biggest part of our decision”.

This new two-year contract had also put to rest any speculation of a European move for the former England skipper. Indeed the news comes after a number of flirtations with top flight clubs. Ligue One side, Paris Saint-Germain was a fore-runner in the chase for Beckham’s illustrious signature, with a French move seeming at one point all but a done deal. Next there were the rumours of a sensational Premier League return. Seeing how Thierry Henry’s loan return to Arsenal has unfolded like some sort of footballing fairytale, Beckham wouldn’t have been blamed for wanting to make a triumphant return of his own. No one would deny that the interest was there. But alas, Beckham’s decision to re-sign for LA Galaxy has destroyed any chance of a Premier League encore for football’s most famous; there will be no homecoming for the prodigal son.

…desire for the game wanes.

Of course, at 36, the full-time whistle is closing in on David Beckham’s on-pitch career. Surely there are only so many swinging crosses and pin-point free kicks that one man can make before the legs tire and his desire for the game wanes. However, this recent contract renewal has brought him two more precious seasons on the pitch; extra time that he’ll be sure not to waste. Having in no way surrendered his ambitions to the Californian sun, the midfielder still has one last accolade in his sights – the Olympics.

After supporting both London’s 2012 Olympic bid and the ill-fated 2018 World Cup campaign, not to mention his extensive England playing career, Beckham is certainly no stranger to representing his country on the world stage. After Steve McLaren seemingly ended the former skipper’s England days way back in 2006, David Beckham has seen a number of hard-fought recalls to the team, before a torn Achilles in 2010 pushed him out of the England picture for good. However, it’s hard to give up on a man who has a tendency to prove his critics wrong. It would seem that as long as Beckham still has that school-boy glean in his eye and his infamous right foot, his inclusion in Stuart Pearce’s Olympic squad as a beacon of experience in a team of under-23s, is more than likely.

…never lost his passion for football,

Beckham himself has affirmed his commitment to the game, “I still love playing; I still love being part of a team. Right now I’m not even thinking about retiring.” Underwear and the Tinseltown aside, Beckham has clearly never lost his passion for football, but whether his dreams will translate into Olympic gold, or serve only as a last hurrah, remain to be seen.

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