Just over 10 games into the 2012/13 Premier League season and Southampton manager Nigel Adkins finds himself under a bit of pressure at the moment. The Saints are in 19th  position and have only collected 5 points out of a possible 33 so far this season and have the worst record defensively.

However, when you look at Southampton’s first 10 games, they have only played two teams in the bottom half of the league so in some respects they have been dealt a bad hand with the fixture list. In recent weeks one of the big questions raised is whether it’s time for a managerial change at St. Marys to kick start their season or stick with the same guy who has been terrific for Southampton in recent years.

Atkins arrived at Southampton in September 2010 with the team playing League 1 football. With all the trouble surrounding the Saints a few years before, including being put into administration and relegation to the third tier of English football, it was time for some stability at the club and they found the right person for the job in Atkins. Two years later and two straight promotions for Southampton where they found themselves back in the top flight for the first time since the 2004-05 season.

…it proves they have the determination to play well, they just need to get the momentum going…

There has to be a strong case to keep Adkins at Southampton due to what he has done to transform the club and you would have to think he deserves to see the season through to the end. With the fixture list being somewhat unkind to them at the start, they need to start getting on a run beating the teams around them and they have already shown their fighting ability this season. A good example being the 3-2 defeat to Manchester United where Southampton were in the lead right until the latter stages and were unlucky not to get anything from the game. Therefore it proves they have the determination to play well, they just need to get the momentum going.

On the other hand with a new appointment coming in, this individual could give fresh new ideas into how to combat the season and try and get that relatively quick fix that can happen when a new manager is installed. With the way this Premier League campaign is going, wins need to come soon to keep up with the rest but I do think it’s time that Premier League clubs need to put more support behind managers and give them a fair shot. 

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