With the multitude of tabloid headlines, shocking scandals and rumours of wrongdoing; does the modern day footballer have any real sense of social responsibility? As wage bills have increased, so have the egos of many premiership stars, thus raising the question: are modern day footballers morons?

Look no further than John Terry. Beginning in 2002, with allegations of assaulting a night club bouncer, the England and Chelsea captain’s notoriety seemingly reached its peak in 2010 amidst allegations of an affair with Wayne Bridge‘s girlfriend. Now, a year later, Terry’s penchant for trouble has once again reared its ugly head, appearing in the form of apparently racist remarks towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

…prime example of moronic behaviour…

One of the worst offenders...

However, does John Terry’s tumultuous personal life reflect that of other premiership players? One could point directly to Wayne Rooney as a prime example of moronic behaviour in the upper echelons of the footballing world. In 2009, the England and Manchester United striker was alleged to have solicited sex with prostitutes while expecting his first child. The allegations, of course, were denied, yet actions such as these have become all too common among professional footballers. Even Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard was plunged into the headlines in 2008, upon being charged with Actual Bodily Harm and affray towards a Southport DJ.

In light of such examples, one would easily be led to believe that this behaviour is characteristic of all those in the Premiership. But could Joey Barton be an unlikely antithesis to the “chav” culture that has apparently arisen in the modern game? The QPR captain has been condemned on multiple occasions for his violent and wayward actions. Yet as of 2011, Barton seems to have turned a new leaf, transforming himself into somewhat of a social media philosopher (see Twitter page) and curbing his once raucous attitude.

…attended the prestigious Brentwood School,

In addition, some may be surprised to know that Dennis Bergkamp holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath or that Frank Lampard, not a stranger to trouble himself, attended the prestigious Brentwood School, obtaining 11 GCSEs during his time there. Even veteran goal keeper Shaka Hislop once interned for NASA as a promising engineering student at Howard University.

Therefore, it is evident that football players, like most ordinary people, come with a variety of different demeanors and views on how best to carry themselves in their professional and personal lives. To discriminate against such a wide range of people, all hailing from variety of diverse backgrounds, would be to overlook the fact that athletes are no different from the rest of us and to presume otherwise would be both naïve and unfair. 

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