A boring game is a big fans worst nightmare, but what to do during a 90 minute slog. Here are my top tips to avoid boredom and have a laugh with the lads.


Birding or birdwatching is the observation of birds as a recreational activity. Many fans may have dragged along the misses to the game and you and your pals could spot them out, giving them ratings out of ten! Look out for the seating of the footballers wives for your top ratings! WARNING: try not to catch the eye of angry partners getting protective over their woman as you stare at her, deciphering whether she is an 8 or a 9.    

Funny bloking

Similarly to birding, is what I like to call funny bloking! Look up and down stands for  fans going slightly over the top at decisions and poor play! There’s nothing funnier than watching an aggravated die hard fan screaming at the reff and abusing players! Maybe even try and get a photo of him to show your friends! Although this is less aesthetically pleasing than birding, it is a funny alternative if the girls didn’t fancy a mid table bore draw.


Betting on bad players to score is a passion of mine during boring games. As a Liverpool fan, over several months I’ve wasted a large sum of money on putting horrific bets on Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson to score. Oh how the games got more interesting! Without becoming a gambling addict, pick out the worst player on the pitch, go on an online betting app on your phone, and put a few quid on him scoring. Every time he gets the ball you’ll be willing him on to have a shot, making things a lot more interesting; you could even make a few quid out of it!

Shoulder Tapping

Shoulder tapping. Another favorite of mine. This works best if you are at a game with 4 or 5 friends, giving more possible targets! Lean to the person directly in front of you and to the left and give them a tap on the shoulder, then before they turn around look away so your friend gets the blame. Creating an awkward tension between the rows. The big challenge is for either you or one of your friends to lean in front two rows and tap someone on the shoulder and quickly get back in your seat before they turn around. If you can achieve this you have mastered the art of shoulder tapping!

The food challenge

Last but certainly not least! Food challenges. These can be done at any football stadium, this may burn a hole in your pocket but it is by far the most fun thing to do. Go with your mates down to a burger van, analyze the price board and set a challenge to your friend. For example, I will race you to eat four hot dogs, the loser has to pay. Now eating four hot dogs as fast as you can with the added pressure of paying £20 makes the race a lot more interesting, sauce up the sani’s and away you go, the winner is the person who swallows the last bite of the last hot dog! Good luck. 

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