Yes! A new high score! Beat you, mate! Sorry I am getting carried away; just been playing the free version of PES 2012 (or Pro Evolution Soccer) on the iPod. The free kick challenge; you may have played it; it’s addictive – really. And I just beat my friend’s long-held high score. An incredible feeling, no one would disagree. This is the generation of the sport’s game, the era of virtual soccer, and there is nothing better than proving yourself as the insatiable champion of such a medium, in particular the much vaunted PES, or FIFA, for those who abide by its closest rival.

For those of us who reached button hitting age by 1996-97, we will remember the beginning of something special, the beginning of a new era, the era of the games console, the era of the sport’s game, the era of FIFA/PES. And soon life would never be quite the same again.

…countered these quirks…

If it was FIFA, then you had the proper names for the teams and players, but slightly lacking in gameplay; if it was PES then you had teams like North London and Man Reds, and players such as the infamous Terry Henri or ‘ave Bickham, but then it countered these quirks by exceeding in its gameplay.

People would stay loyal to their version of the football jeu, and soon bedrooms across the country were roaring with the cantankerous banter of boys, well mostly boys, attempting to prove themselves the alpha male in this highly competitive, gladiatorial arena. Nothing could be sweeter than being elevated to the top of the gaming pile.  

Image courtesy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011


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