Nothing could be sweeter than being elevated to the top of the gaming pile. Except it could, for how could one truly accept those periods of fractious interplay (periods that can go on into the early hours) of unfulfilled sin, this relentless greed…no, gluttony…to be the all-conquering champion, to defeat your fellow man in battle, in a 2D world, where the victor is decided by the accuracy of your left thumb on the joystick (or D-pad as it once was)?

And how much have consoles removed the desire to actually pick up a real-life ball and to use the legs given to us in order to perform such abilities that, no matter how gratifying it may feel in the virtual world, can never be imitated through the power of the left thumb?

…inconspicuous modes of entrapment…

What a doomsayer…withhold thy cynicism…you will only prove yourself as much of a bore as the fun-stopping, ‘parent’. No, these inconspicuous modes of entrapment have, without doubt, increased our love of the beautiful game.

They have encouraged us, and the youngsters behind us, to attempt the skill and splendour that is so often depicted with ease upon our screens. And is it not healthy for a young boy (or girl) to be competitive, for some might say it will only prove to serve them well in the impending ‘after-life’ that is reality? Oh well, perhaps I dissect too much…

…ability to weave your way… 

This generation was meant for the power of the console; the majesty of the wonder goal scored from way outside the penalty box, the ability to weave your way through the opposition (untouched in some earlier games), the chance to take out the referee (not sure if this was ever actually possible, but an early version may/should have allowed this). All these actions – only ever possible in the virtual world, allowed even the most un-coordinated kid to attain a slice of those bragging rights. Cause if it’s not possible to play alongside, or as well as, such greats as Gianfranco Zola, or Eric Cantona, then what could be better than actually playing as those indomitable characters?

And now in this modern age we have the game of football, literally at our fingertips, and thus, without much further adieu, I put down my pen (figuratively) and pick up my device, and resume this obtrusive, yet wholly satisfying method of playing this still beautiful game.

Image courtesy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011


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