With the advances of technology, smartphones have become use in every day life. But with their advantages, they can also become a distraction.

With thousands of people attending games from football to rugby, cricket to athletics, a high percentage of these people will have a smartphone. Many people in attendance will be fans and wanting to watch the game, others will see it as a chance to see their idols. With this rare chance, people will take to their phones, recording their idols, taking pictures. Once they have the media on their phones, it will be uploaded to certain social media sites for friends to see. All this, while a game is being played right in front of them.

The same problem is happening at music shows. Festivals, gigs, fans are taking to their devices to record the artists. Instead of focusing on the acts on stage, people are more interested to record the acts and upload them to YouTube or social media sites for other people to see.

…to obtain certain images or videos that may have happened and have no evidence of…

As much as it frustrates people, that people going to these sporting events or music shows are ultimately more interested in recording than watching the event and paying more attention to the event in progress, maybe their doing some good. It may be a chance for people that don’t have the opportunity to see their idols live to do so. A fan may never get the chance to see a music show and with the videos uploaded to YouTube, the chance to see their favourite acts becomes a lot more easier to access. A chance for media company’s to obtain certain images or videos that may have happened and have no evidence of, but with people putting it across the Internet, it makes it a lot easier for media companies to get ahold of the piece.

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