And so the Premier League season came down to 60 seconds of pure sporting theatre. An amazing finish, but what did I learn from the title deciding 60 seconds at the Etihad stadium?


City are not ‘chokers’

Going into the game, one could have been forgiven for making the prediction that City would blow their chances in the last game. They’d played some scintillating football all season, then saw Manchester United go 8 points clear at one point before beating Manchester United in the derby game which set them back on course for the title. Despite making life difficult for themselves in the QPR game, they still managed to win even if it came in the last seconds.


You can always count on Joey Barton to grab attention.

As if the last day of the season was not dramatic enough, Joey Barton made sure he got into the papers with a sending-off worthy of at least a 4-match ban. Indeed, it was the delay in play resulting from the sending off which gave City the added time they needed to secure the title.


Manchester United are no longer the top team in Manchester.

Now Fergie might debate this one, but Manchester City now have the bragging rights in the city of Manchester. Title winners at last, their status surely rises from mere ‘noisy neighbours’ to serial winners.


Never rule out a team battling relegation

Though conventional wisdom had it that QPR would lose easily to Manchester City, as ever conventional wisdom was wrong. QPR played some of their best football of the season and should have won the game. Their contribution was essential to this dramatic day.


The Premier League is still the best league in the world.

Another big statement, but though an argument can be made that the Premier League is not the best in terms of quality of football- witness the shocking defending on display in the Manchester City v QPR fixture as evidence of this, it still provides unparalleled drama and excitement. 



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