Over the last few years we’ve become all to familiar with David Beckham hopping around from country to country, attending the most exclusive of gatherings.  Even finding the time to play some football between these engagements for major clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and most Recently LA Galaxy

However on the deadline day, the list of illustrious clubs Beckham has played for grew as he was snapped up by the cash happy men at Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer.  Whilst avoiding a transfer fee there is still a pretty penny to be paid to keep the Englishman in Paris. No surprise right? Wrong!

In an act of immense generosity the 37 year old has agreed to donate his wages to a children’s charity in Paris.

…a little bitter towards golden balls…

A move that has left many including myself feeling a little bitter towards golden balls. He’s already handsome, a decent footballer, pretty well off and now with this latest act he can add philanthropist to the list. The average man doesn’t even give to charity workers on the street.

But what’s in it for P.S.G? Their squad is already brimming with talent across the field and find themselves on the brink of winning Ligue 1. The answer is, whilst being aged 37 and not at his best, Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo believes Beckham’s attitude towards the game shall rub off on the talented youngsters in Paris. It’s a trait that Leonardo admired during his time working with Beckham at AC. Milan.   

…no surprise…

Additionally Beckham’s move to the Parisians is no surprise considering the earning capabilities he brings.

During his time in the MLS David Beckham lead the way in shirt sales only to be followed by the free firing Frenchman, Thierry Henry.

An astute move by the board at P.S.G and with Beckham shirts already being sold at an extortionate price of £100 a shirt, the Parisians may see a return in their investment sooner than anticipated.

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