It’s been an eventful weekend in the premiership; pitches up and down the country have been covered in snow. 

As a result we’ve seen copious amounts of snow being hauled so our beloved sport could continue, however the snow wasn’t the only thing being moved aside this weekend – Nigel Adkins was dismissed from Southampton on Saturday in a shock move by chairman Nicola Cortese.

As most Southampton fans will agree, things could be better for the Saints at the moment as they sit in 15th place of the premier league table. Nevertheless Saints fans have faced tougher times; the Saints found themselves with eight defeats in their first ten games of the season.

…why now?…

Adkins and the Saints eventually found some form and fought their way out of the relegation zone. Yet it seems their fight and Southampton’s valiant run of only two defeats in their last 12 league matches wasn’t enough to keep Adkins in the job.

The question on many Saints fans lips is why now? And I’m afraid to say, I’m a clueless as most. We’ll just have to accept Pochettino’s appointment and move on.

…working with young players and developing them into regular first team players…

Its not all doom and gloom for the Saints though, the former Espanyol manager has the capability to make some change for the good. Pochettino has a history of working with young players and developing them into regular first team players. During his time at Espanyol, More than 20 academy graduates were introduced to senior football – Great news for Saint’s fans that hope to see their club produce more world class players like Alex Oxalade- chamberlain and Gareth Bale in the future.

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