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Never far from controversy, Beckham’s relationship with United manager Alex Ferguson began to deteriorate as the dour Scot became less and less happy about Beckham’s off the field activities. Beckham’s marriage to Posh Spice, and their celebrity lifestyle seemed to affect his form, while his superstar status threatened to destabilise the family atmosphere created by Ferguson at United. In February 2003, pictures emerged of Beckham sporting a cut eyebrow after Fergie allegedly kicked a boot across the dressing room and it connected with Beckham’s face. Having won 6 Premier League titles, 2 FA cups and one European Cup in the space of 12 years, his career at his much loved club came to a sour end.

A move to join the Galaticos at Real Madrid, where he stayed four seasons, cemented his position as an international superstar although his contributions on the pitch were slightly disappointing. Beckham then made the much criticized move to America turning his back on the hothouse atmosphere of European football and settling for the slower pace but highly paid life in the American League. LA Galaxy has now been his home for four seasons and on Saturday in his last game for the Galaxy, he won his first title.

…never be another David Beckham. 

What now? Retirement or a last fling with the Olympic team? It is safe to say that whatever he does now there will never be another David Beckham. A great player, he has become the most recognizable footballer, personality and ambassador of the game worldwide. What are the odds on him becoming the next President of FIFA?

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