I believe this is an isolated incident for Haye. He was desperate to fight Vitali and he resorted to desperate measures, hence storming the post-fight news conference and demanding the fight. But Haye will look back on this and be very disappointed in himself. He will regret his actions, not only because he has jeopardized his chances of fighting Vitali but because he has risked ruining the highs of his glittering his career with this single episode.  As for Dereck Chisora the man is a beast and he can’t be controlled.

He was already facing disciplinary action for a series of misdeeds, lets call them acts of thuggery, which he displayed heading into the clash. He slapped Klitschko at the pre-fight weigh-in on Friday, he spat water in the face of Wladimir Klitschko moments before the fight begun on Saturday. Also he wouldn’t accept his defeat by a unanimous points decision like a true professional. After the results of the fight was confirmed he exchanged words with both brothers. 

…carries a history of convictions…

Chisora is a menace and many key boxing figures have called for him to be banned. He carries a history of convictions for bad behaviour but it’s best not to dwell on his colourful personal life. One thing is clear, to many, he brought a frenzy into his professional life, which only reflects those which have marred his personal battles.  He doesn’t help his cause when he says things like “I am going to physically burn him” and “ I am going to physically shoot David Haye.” Even worse all of this happens before the eyes of the media, and is immediately splashed all over the world wide web for repeat viewing.

There are now suggestions both boxers will be prosecuted for their part in the incident. Haye is suspected of GBH, which could mean he is charged with a prison sentence of six months to 10 years. On the other hand Chisora is accused of malicious injury and if found guilty could face up to five years in prison. 

…a sense of morality…

No one mentioned the media scramble which just sat there and let this all go on. One man with a sense of morality could have intervened and prevented the two parties coming together. But I guess in this day and age everyone wants something interesting to talk about. It’s a pity we are talking about a fight, which happened outside the ring rather than the match-up which got lost somewhere before it. 


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