Despite the muffled moans that whisper Robin Van Persie’s name there is little doubt in my mind that Scott Parker’s recently received award as Barclays Premier League player of the month is completely and utterly justified.

Perhaps these same names amongst the footballing elite and journalistic clique should recognise that sometimes we must look beyond the fashionable, not applaud the flash trend-setter but the ever present, consistent model professional.

…far too long been ignored, 

In fact, to put Scott Parker in this category does the man, and the player a disservice. We might not be talking about England’s answer to Xavi in many minds, but in mine; we are. Scott Parker has for far too long been ignored, left to drag performances out of hugely poor teams and has shown that he is one of the best players plying their trade in this country.

Having moved to Spurs this summer, Parker has solidified all of the things that some of us already knew. His class is evident as he shines above Modric and Van Der Vaart at times; not an unimpressive effort. Not only has he impressed in his new jersey but he has completed the team. From perennial nearly men, this Spurs side have a genuine chance of challenging for the title and are playing the best football in the division. Parker is central to this.

…consistently performed for England… 

We are talking about a man who may well have continued the flight of Martin O’Neill’s Aston Villa should Randy Lerner have parted with his cash, the man who damn near kept a hunger-less West Ham side in the Premier League and a man who has consistently performed for England in recent months despite criticism of the side in general.

Scott Parker is not just an engine, he’s a huge talent. Frankly, it’s a shame that we have utilised him so late. Alongside a fit again Steven Gerrard and Jack Wilshere, England could posess the sort of domineering, dynamic midfield trio that they will need to compete in a European competition laced with talent.

…expect to find in a war veteran.

Parker has vision, class, passing range, stamina and the sort of determination and bravery that one would expect to find in a war veteran. This is a footballer of brilliance. Long may his form continue if only for my enjoyment.

Image courtesy of Scott Parker

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