As we drove through the industrial edge of East London it dawned on me that I had never been to a BMX event. Let alone one, that was being held in a converted swimming pool in Dagenham.

But that was where we were headed. Nike had painstakingly spent time and effort building what can only be described as a masterpiece of engineering. The fluid looking construct contained ramps, rails and with seating to the side, boasted an impressive view to catch all the mad stunts and to involve you in the energy of the crowd.

…we were introduced to at least 8 different people though a succession of “friends with”, “rides with” and “dated”…

The event was being held as a tournament with teams competing against each other all throughout the day. The teams would be given a short amount of time to warm up and then (to some hardcore music) start their routine to wow the audience and judges.

The feeling of camaraderie between the bikers and the audience was immense with cheers and amazement from the crowd. Even chatting to a couple of the people around us we found that almost everyone in the building knew somebody through a friend. This led to a surreal experience as we were introduced to at least eight different people though a succession of “friends with”, “rides with” and “dated”. It showed that really the BMX community was a fun lot of people to hang out with.

Of course, we stuck out like a sore thumb as the majority of the audience wore caps and Nike Hi-Tops, but we still met some great people and shared in an event that was more about fun and having a laugh.




1. Dennis Enarson | Chad Kerley | Josh Harrington | Jeremiah Smith || 88,53

2. Drew Bezanson | Pat Casey | Rob Wise | Michael Beran || 86,67


3. Harry Main | Alex Coleborn | Ben Wallace | Kyle Baldock || 86,07


4. Sebastian Keep | Dan Lacey | Bruno Hoffmann | Chase Hawk || 80,87


5. Garrett Reynolds | Paul Ryan | Sean Sexton || 78,67

Best Line: Ruben Alcantara, Kevin Kalkoff, Sergio Layos, Tom Dugan

Best Trick: Brian Foster

Best Rider/Rider Vote: Dennis Enarson


The sheer scope of the pool can’t really be shown in pictures, it’s something you have to witness for yourself. If you are in the area and like to show off a few stunts then it would definitely be worth your time visiting.

Check out our previous Preview for more information.


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